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Applied Bioinformatics Core

Data Lifecycle Management

Data lifecycle management services are charged per gigabase of raw data. Subsidies are provided when services are paid from US Federal grants on which a WCMC faculty member is a Principal Investigator. [See description]
Service Data Retention Period Fee (per Gbase of raw data)
Standard Subsidized*
Full lifecycle management 2 years $17.50 $10.62
Full lifecycle management 5 years $23.78 $13.76
Raw data storage only 2 years $4.58 $2.29
Raw data storage only 5 years $6.67 $3.34

Computing Infrastructure

Access to shared computing infrastructure is made available via the Scientific Computing Unit (SCU). It is charged per TB of data storage allocated to you and includes access to our batch high-performance computing system. All allocations come with 100GB backed-up home directories for all users of the lab that are WCM employees. Additional priority on our queuing system may also be leased. Storage fees and home directories have been subsidized for all WCM investigators by the Dean's Office. [See description]
Service Lease period Fee
Backed up storage, 1TB 1 year $350
Backed up storage, 1TB 5 year $1,300
Scratch storage, 1TB 1 year $175
Scratch storage, 1TB 5 year $650
Additional share of compute priority 1 year $85

Custom Software Development

Development, installation and integration of well-defined software tools and hardware components. [See description]
Service Fee
Implementation of custom analysis pipelines to support domain-specific analyses for individual projects; web-based applications for custom data visualization and dissemination; installation of project-specific software packages or hardware, etc. Fixed cost determined by scope of project

Education and Training

[See description]
Service Fee
Peer residency, 1 year $15,000


ABC staff may be engaged on an hourly basis for short-term or open-ended projects where preparation of a formal scope may not be possible or desirable. [See description]
Service Fee
Consultation, 1 hour $125

* The ABC gratefully acknowledges the support provided by NIH grant S10 OD012286-01 (H Weinstein), which enables these subsidies for NIH-funded researchers.

Applied Bioinformatics Core